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Share Your Insights With Us

The news from other skilled empaths I’ve been fortunate to come across says, “You can’t turn OFF this sensitivity switch… But you can work with it.”

So exactly…just how do we work with it?

You could probably stay at home and enjoy some private space. But for a majority of us, we still have to go back to places –that’s probably challenging with questionable people that doesn’t necessary energize us to earn a living… and of course run our personal errands too. We don’t have millions of dollars or a huge isolated peaceful estate to hide yet, so just what else can we do to function as our best self now?

With that said, I want to encourage all empaths to share what works for them. How do you keep yourself “clean”, energized, and enthusiastic when socializing and being around others?

That’s what this site is for—sharing and finding ways to work with our abilities.

Add Your Insight & Comment Below in Our COMMENT Box.  🙂