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Rose Cole’s 10-Week Transformation Program Review – Great for Empaths & Highly Sensitive People

Here’s a health program especially made for someone with a sensitive system. This 10-Week Transformation program is put together by an empathic Certified Natural Health Professional, Rose Cole.

She knows what it’s like to experience feeling constantly exhausted with no energy, having food sensitivities, and being easily drained from people and places.

This program is loaded with practical actions steps. Discover solutions she gained from overcoming her own personal battles with psoriasis, digestive problems, weight gain, depression, and low energy. (With all it delivers – it’s not cheap, so it’s not for everyone.)

She combines her life experiences along with the latest cutting edge nutrition science. Creating an amazing 10-Week Transformation program to help you re-invent a healthy energetic new you.

Imagine how a few SIMPLE changes in your daily routine can elevate your mood, help you lose weight, keep your mind sharp and focus, give you more energy and help you become more consistently happier and healthier. This program can help you completely transform your life in just 10 weeks…

She’ll help you comb through your entire system from head to toe. Balance your body with a holistic approach so your ENTIRE system can be in harmony. (Who knows, these imbalance in your physical body could be causing you unnecessary stress…adding more negative effects to your body besides others unwanted energies.)

To truly attain health and be the best empath we can be, we must be able to first hold our house sturdy with a strong foundation. So regardless of the winds that comes through, we can better utilize our abilities (stay centered & grounded) to handle the challenges that come our way.

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Help Anxiety by Balancing Blood Sugar Levels

You know our sensitivities to others energies and emotions… We can eliminate some of those sensitivities or reduce those intensities by first taking care of what’s happening in our body. You’ll understand more as you read Jen’s article below why balancing blood sugar level can make such a huge difference.

As empath we know that our body sensitivities level is through the roof. Doesn’t it just make sense, to balance any imbalance such as our blood sugars and hormones. No doubt these imbalances may be causing us to feel more off than usual.

Check out what Jen has to say about her personal experience.

Help Anxiety by Balancing Blood Sugar Levels


One of the often overlooked causes of anxiety, panic attacks, and mood problems is imbalanced blood sugar. Some people may see it as diabetes (hyperglycemia – high blood sugar), hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), and/or insulin resistance. As sugar levels swing high and low, the body blasts out adrenaline (epinephrine) and cortisol to balance blood sugar levels so the brain doesn’t starve of glucose. How can balancing blood sugar help anxiety? 

By balancing sugars levels, adrenal hormones adrenalin and cortisol levels aren’t all over the map. This also allows the adrenals to rest as well as lessen anxiety because high levels of adrenaline circulating around. Panic attacks and anxiety is very common especially when blood glucose (sugar) levels are low since it’s the adrenaline and cortisol that raise levels to safe levels.

Most of the panic attacks and anxious feelings I experienced were due to hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) episodes. It only took six long months to figure this out! When I hit 39 (very low number!) during my 6 hour glucose tolerance test my doc said “Yep, you have SEVERE hypoglycemia!”. Eating correctly to balance blood sugar levels and taking supplements to fill nutritional voids was how I stopped the relentless 24/7 panic and anxiety.

Because I get asked so often, I’m going to share how I eat for blood sugar balance. Everybody is different, so each individual will have to experiment to see what works for them. I also use a glucose meter to check my levels first thing in the morning, before and after a meal, in-between meals, and before bed. My system may seem simple, but it works for me.

Jen Crippen’s Blood Sugar Balancing Strategy:

  • BREAKFAST: It is important to eat something within a 1/2 hour of waking. If not, the body runs on adrenalin to keep blood sugar levels up until a meal is consumed. This is very taxing on the adrenals. I eat a high fat/protein meal with a tiny bit of low glycemic carbs to get me going. For example: apple (CARB) with raw almond butter (FAT & PROTEIN; eggs (FAT & PROTEIN) with carrots (CARB), tomato (CARB); low glycemic protein smoothie (CARB & PROTEIN) with added coconut oil (FAT) and raw egg (FAT & PROTEIN)
  • MID-MORNING SNACK: Something light and protein rich like a handful of almonds (FAT & PROTEIN) with Ningxia Wolfberries (CARB) or 1 hard boiled egg
  • LUNCH: Nice substantial meal with veggies, protein, and substantial fat. For example: tuna salad (PROTEIN) with celery, tomato (CARB), natural food mayo (FAT); spring green salad with 2 hard boiled eggs (FAT & PROTEIN), green peppers, scallions, carrot (CARB), sunflower seeds (FAT & PROTEIN), oil & vinegar dressing, couple of Ningxia Wolfberries (CARB); hamburger (PROTEIN) with small spring green salad
  • AFTERNOON SNACK: Again, something light and protein rich.
  • DINNER: Dinner I always have a heavy protein (seafood, meat, poultry) along with green vegetables (spinach, broccoli, chard, green beans) and a starchy vegetable for carbohydrates (root vegetables, sweet potato, squash). Very rarely will I eat any grains, but when I do it’s quinoa, black rice, or teff.
  • AN HOUR BEFORE BEDTIME SNACK: This snack is very important because often my blood sugar levels would plummet overnight and give me restless sleep or nightmares. Sometimes I will have a bit of the leftovers from dinner in a very small portion or even a smoothie. I keep it very light and total volume of food is normally about a 1/2 to 3/4 cup.

As for drink, I typically have water or non-caffeinated tea (herbal). I don’t drink soda of any kind and rarely drink alcohol. Alcohol creates a sugar swinging nightmare! Also, anything with caffeine creates blood sugar havoc because of the adrenaline surge. So it’s best to avoid with blood sugar, anxiety, panic, and/or adrenal issues.There is a lot more to my strategy on how to eat to help anxiety. There are many secrets such as portion size of carbs to protein and fat, getting off soda, and how to enjoy sweets without the blood sugar and anxiety consequence!

For more information from Jen about anxiety, click here.

If your experiencing similar things mention here, I recommend checking our Rose Cole’s 10 Week Transformation program on how to balance your blood sugar and hormones.