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First Webclass: Empath Questions Answered

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Faey will start the discussion in the video, then you can add your thoughts and feelings below…

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For Empaths: How to Increase Your Vibration and Keep It!

Are you secretly hoping and wishing that one day things will be alright? You’ll finally reached that state of high vibration to be able to walk into a crowd and not be completely drained or absorb others’ unwanted energies.

meditating buddha

The TRUTH is it’s the simple things that matters. There’s no big miracle. As unskilled empaths, we keep waiting for that one thing that will save us from all the chaos. But what I have learn on my Europe trip is those who are energy aware are indeed living a vibrant life now! The kind of lives we want to create for ourselves…where we have more life source energy flowing in us constantly.

These skilled individuals have learned to use the simple things to give them energy. It’s no magic wand.

Here is the SECRET! They simply do their healthy eating, exercising, meditating, cleansing their energy, and cleaning their mind, tossing out any unhelpful fixed ideas or beliefs that are be hindering their progress to go where they want they go. Then putting more positive thoughts, feelings, images and goals they want into their mind. They keep their focus on the positive things that energizes them. They use their AWARENESS to do more of these helpful actions that in cycles feeds them

Similar to cleaning out your closet or house. Keep only what you want and toss out all the junks that’s taking up room. This simple action will free up space to keep and put more of what you only want.

No matter how simple or mundane these daily routines are, the CONSISTENCY of doing it everyday (as needed) keeps you clean and at a high vibration state where things that normally ticks you off won’t do so. You’ll keep your cool and awareness. And you’ll be attracting more helpful energy your way. Giving you more fuel to create more of what you want.

It’s the simple things that matters.

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Top 3 Secrets to Keeping Your Energy and Not Being Completely Drained – Euro Trip Lessons from Other Energy Aware Beings

Why is it that some people tend to attract great energy while others don’t do so well?

I’m able to answer that question better thanks to my experience touring Europe the past month. I got to tour France, England and Spain throughout for most of June. This trip was an eye opener for me.  It has given me many new perspectives. There is so much wealth out there: from material things to richness of energy.crystal

I was fortunate enough to meet some great individuals who were able to maintain their energy and share their secrets. Although they didn’t identify themselves as empaths, the characteristics they exhibited seemed to indicate they were (sensitive to food and environment, sensing others energies, and drained by others if they didn’t take care).

Here are some of their secrets…

Stacy in England was able to maintain her energy and stay grounded by first starting all her days religiously doing yoga. That helped her ground her energy, emotion, and mind in her body. Besides this crucial step for her, she also kept artwork, stones, and tools that constantly cleans her home. As I walked around her beautiful house, located in a small little sweet town, I noticed she kept buddha statues, paintings that seem to emit a blessing energy, and stones and pendants to continuously cleans her place.

Of course, she also practices healthy eating habits so that helps a lot. And her two adorable little dogs were a nice addition to helping keep the place light and happy. Honestly if all of us empathic individuals can live like Stacy, adopting her devoted habits of taking care of herself, we can definitely stay more grounded and energized throughout our days.

Then we met Emelda from Spain and Daniel from London at  Ashram center in Glastonbury, England. We explained how it was a challenge for us to constantly absorb others unwanted energies and emotions. Both of them shared they also lived in places that are also psychically heavy. They believed that since they were able to learn how to sustain their energy in such a places, they could pretty much function almost anywhere. When asked what they practice to keep their energy at such a high vibration, they shared that both practice Qi-Gong and Reiki and it has made all the difference for them.

We were curious how they had so much energy even though both did energy work for a living? Both of them explained that they don’t use their own energy. They tap into the divine source and the energy flows from there to not only energizes them but also their clients.

Amazing! Right?

Daniel went further to explain that he also uses crystal. And his place is completely filled with them and they help him stay energized.

So I asked him, if someone like him didn’t know anything and is constantly being drained by others energy and their environment, what would his one tip for them?

Daniel responded with a smile, “Reiki….and Qi-Gong. Those are my absolute two favorite and must do it.”

There you have it. The answers from three very knowledgible energy aware individuals who are able to stay in charge, energized, grounded, and connected to abundant source energy. This has made all the difference on which way their day goes.

Which practice is right for you?

I invite you to check out yoga, reiki, or qi-gong (I have) and see which one energizes you the most.

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How to Block Others Energies With This Little Trick

Do you find yourself constantly soaking up other people’s emotions and energies?

Does this suck the life out of you and left you feeling drain?

Want to cut that automatic connection?

Here’s a cool quick trick to do just that. You can start immediately.

Find a comfortable pair of sunglass.

Put it on.sunglass

Is it that really easy?


I’ve tried it on. I used it while driving, riding on the light rails,  and in crowded areas. It seems to do the trick. Somehow,  sunglasses block or chop up most of the energies others are shooting across. This gives me a nice little break. As before, I am forces to take all their stuff in just because I look their direction. Regardless if I want to read their energies or not.

That’s my little trick for today.

Let me know below how this technique has work for you by writing in your comment below.

And be sure to tune in for more practical tips next week.

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How to Eliminate Negative Emotion and Create Positive Emotion

rainbow-field1These three simple steps are the hidden SECRET to master your emotions. How to stop suffering and self-sabotaging yourself with negativity. You can start creating the life you want, no matter where you are now. You still have power in yourself to make the changes you want. Its not your fault because we were never taught how to control emotions. Most of those around us don’t know how to control theirs either.

I have never came across somebody who has put it so perfectly. As I was listening to Dr.Wyatt Woodsmall and Eben Pagan’s training program, “Leadership: You, Me & We”, Dr. Woodsmall put it so eloquently. Negative emotion drains energy. Positive emotion gives energy. In order to get rid of negative emotions, you first must know where it is coming from. As Wyatt explains it, negative and positive emotions both came from the same place. It’s up to us to CHOOSE how we want to be.

By practicing these steps below, you and I can get there…

Here are the 3 Steps to Eliminating Negative Emotion and Creating Positive Emotion:

Step 1: Change the pictures we create in our head. It is apparent we must diligently keep guard at the gates of our mind to only let the things we want in. Perception plays a huge role in what kinds of emotion we’ll experience. It triggers our body to tense up or to relax and act accordingly to the images we perceived and create in our minds.

Watch your mind throughout the day. What kind of images are you catching yourself making? Are they scary images, fear images, images of scarcity and lack?

Want to end these negative emotions?

How? The answer is… stop creating the pictures that feed negative emotion.

And if you want to be happy, create and focus on happy pictures. Flood your mind with images of what you want to create positive emotion. Control the pictures you create. Know you have a choice to choose the pictures you put in your head and focus on.

Step 2: Change your tonality. The way you speak to yourself. If you speak to yourself in a angry tone, then you’ll feel angry. If you speak to yourself in a victim tone, they you’ll feel defeated and sorry for yourself. And if you want to feel happy, then simply shift your voice…speak to yourself positively by changing the tonality of your voice.

Step 3: Change your physiology. Shift your physiology by adjusting your posture, movement, and breathing. How you hold yourself together will greatly affect your state of being.  It can either disempower you or energize you.

For example, right now…sit up straight, relax your body, roll back your shoulders and open your chest, and hold your head high. How do you feel? Can you feel your emotional state change simply just by adjusting your physiology?

Becoming aware that both our negative and positive emotion originates from our pictures, our tonality, and our physiology is the start to changing our feeling. By changing these, you can shift your outcome… Eliminating the negative emotions that no longer serve you and start creating positive ones that better serve you in your journey forward.

Once you can start to control your emotions…And become in charge again and no longer a victim to it. You’ll be able to move throughout the range of emotion and have choice and flexibility to select the emotion you wish to feel  as you increase your emotional intelligence. No longer will you be stuck in a chronic state. Emotion is a choice. You are now free at last to make your choice!

7 Critical Mistakes Empaths Make

Mistake #1: Confusing others emotions, thoughts, and physical sensation as ours.

Mistake #2: Not accepting our sensitivities function differently.

Mistake #3: Not taking into account food intolerance.

Mistake #4: No daily cleaning. Not exercising, meditating, and processing our emotions everyday.

Mistake #5: Putting others needs before our needs.

Mistake #6: Not taking into account environmental influences.

Mistake #7: Not taking into account limited energy and awareness.

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