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Michael R. Smith’s The Complete Empath ToolKit Review

Empath Tool Kit from Dr. Michael R. Smiths got one of the best training for empaths out there. One being this whole training is specifically tailored for empaths.The_Complete_Empath_Toolkit_Michael_R_Smith_eBook

Unlike most materials out there where they are still talking about how to create your own boundaries and protective bubbles. Michael instead take a different spin. He focus on the fact that we as empath are made different with a different nervous system… which are a lot more sensitive and fine tune than others. We can feel intensly how other are and pick up effortlessly what the energy of the environment is. So much so, that we even soaked it up like a piece of dry desert land. Up to the point, that we can loose sense of our own identity and started feeling almost exactly like the other person.

Although, I must admit, it’s a great empathic abilities when it comes to soaking up higher vibration. We can start to immediately take in the positive energy of others when we are surrounded by positive people and environment. We feel highly energetic, productive, and happy. And we can feel so intensely all these good emotions and sensitions. It’s a great experience! For that reason, I am greatful to be an empath.

But what happen when it’s the opposite of we want? What are we to do?

I was exactly at this place when I came across Dr. Michael R. Smiths “The Complete Empath Tool Kit” program. I was living in my beach home and feeling great. Lots of free space, high vibration and fresh air. When a new neighbor moved in. That’s when hell break lose. At least that’s how my fiance and I felt. I felt this heaviness in my heart and I was so flustered that I could not think straight. I constantly felt irritable and exasperated as if I can sit still. So much so that I had to flee and live underneath my future in-laws place. Each time I return to my ocean front home, I would feel the same thing. So much so that we leave for weeks and dread to return to our own place.

That’s before we even knew anything about being “empaths”. So we searched online for answers. And came across Michael’s work. Of course, we had to get it.

Michael’s Empath Tool Kit was extremely useful. IT was packed with useful practical tips and solutions that teaches us how to work with our empathic abilities instead of having us creating barriers (in which we know as empath is quite difficult to do and maintain.)

We are made differently for a reason. Therefore our function is set up differently. We are more like a satelite that constantly recieves message and leave leave likely to be one that is shooting out messages.

Instead Michael is an absolute genius, he help guides his peers and students to refocus. Turning their attention to “how can I work with my unique abilites.”

Ant that has made all the difference. Rather than constant struggles, you start to see the benefits unfold and you grow into a stronger person… “a skilled empath”. It’s amazing!

One useful example is as empath we can call on the sources of the universe to help. To get more energize or grounded. Meaning we can connect easily to the nature and soak up those energy to help us. We can instantly connect with… for instance the sun’s or the forest’s energy. Which is one of the reason why we feel so good after spending some time with nature. The rain, the ocean, the plants, the trees, the earth, the rocks, we can soak it up!

It’s quite energizing if you try this. Go right ahead, go outside for a few minute of sunlight.

Feel the difference?

It’s defintely worth the practice of getting into the habit. Because this along can bring more peace and still ness into your life now.

Michael got tons of techniques and tips in on how to hone and work with your true unique powerful empathic traits. Check out his work —> The Complete Empath Tool Kit.

Rather than scrampling to be like others and create barriers that doesn’t stand. We are learning to work with our strength! Use it to creat what we’ve been search for. Just got to switch our perspective and willing to re-intrepret to our unique way of looking at things.

The Great Shift…Awakening!

2012 December 21 – the great shift! The Great Awakening… What’s it mean anyway?

Check out this interesting perspective shared by Teal and Jordan from The Spirit Science Channel.

Do you want to continue manifesting what you love or be surrounded by negative energies?

(…And “buffer time” from your thought to manifestation shorten? What?)

Watch  the video below to find out…

They have an interesting channel. Be sure to check out their Spirit Science series.

Alex Grey – The Visionary Artist

Positive energy energizes us and negative energy drains us. Who better to show you than this awesome artist…

I want to introduce you to Alex Grey’s art.

For those of you who have not yet heard of him. He is an amazing artist. You probably seen his artworks around.

He does an extremely magnificent job on depicting the movement of the source energy throughout the physical body. Whether it be empowering energy that gives you high vibration or draining energy that dims your life source energy.

Don’t take my word for it.

Check out my favorite painting of his.

…And interpret it for yourself.

What’s your feeling or thought about the work?

Leave us your comment below…

And for more of Alex’s amazing depiction of energy flow artwork, visit him at



Empaths Walking Through The Chaotic Battle Ground

empaths-friends silhouetteThings aren’t going exactly the way you hoped. Just how can you turn it around?

Better yet, how can you use these opportunities to become a stronger person– a more skilled empath?

Very interesting article from Dr. Michael R. Smith on how to use the chaotic occurrences to strengthen our empathic abilities.

Check out this new concept.

Empaths and Chaos – Making Sensitive People Stronger

By Michael Robert Smith

Empaths know that there is deep medicine in chaos.

When I was being trained as a counselor back in the 90’s, I had the “accidental” honor to be trained, at two different institutions, by the only two counselors in the entire country who studied and applied Chaos Theory to people and groups.

Without getting too detailed, chaos theory can teach empaths about how things break up and come back together, and that includes us as empath individuals. Sometimes, in order to be fully whole, empaths must be willing to die to old selves, and be willing to endure having ourselves be taken apart, sometimes through trauma, sometimes through intentional processes. However you get there, when you come out the other side, you come out a stronger empath than ever before – less likely to take on other people’s negative energy and more fully realized as a strong, healthy, conscious empath.

I use these words as an invitation for you to find out more about the power of chaos, the associated animal Spirit Guides such as the coyote, and the spiritual teachings associated throughout the ages, in many traditions, that describe its potent power; power that you can apply as an empath.

Entrainment is a word use in Chaos theory to describe what Native people know happens when people are together in ceremony. We move together. Literally. You, as an empath, know this better than most others. Entrainment is the quickest way to move up Spiritually.

If you are exposed to a certain frequency long enough, you will eventually change your vibration, to match the frequency to which you are exposed. This happens in interpersonal relationships, in student-teacher relationships, in the workplace, in every single interaction in the world. The more an empath knows about entrainment, the better you will be prepared to change others to your frequency rather than have them change you to their negative frequencies.

For more solutions and techniques to sky rocket your empath skills & personal journey check out Dr. Michael Smith’s Complete Empath Toolkit here.

How To Use Essential Oils For Health – Rose Cole

Use essential oils to stay energized and boost your energy!

Start your day on the right foot with these essential oil tips from Holistic Nutrition Coach, Rose Cole.

For more of Rose’s health and wellness tips visit her at

Becoming a Skilled and Conscious Empath – A Spiritual Journey

Meet Skilled and Conscious Empath, Dr. Michael R. Smith…

Today, I like to have an amazing teacher and a good friend of mine share his story.

Let us know how he discovered about his empathic nature…and started his spiritual journey.

And how he is now making pathways and breakthroughs for the rest of us fellow empaths. Finding nuggets and tools to help all empaths and highly sensitive individuals who are ready to become a skilled and conscious empath themselves!

Becoming a Skilled and Conscious Empath – A Spiritual Journey

By Michael Robert Smith

Armed with a Ph.D. and a lucrative counseling professorship at age 30, I embarked on what was to be one of the shorter careers in the history of academia. Despite being nominated for early career awards and authoring a half-dozen research publications, I decided to leave my tenure-track position at the University of Wyoming in 2005 after just three years to begin working with empaths in Santa Fe, NM. I had to follow my heart. After I realized I was an empath, there was no turning back.

The cultural identity of empath is rapidly growing and gaining mainstream acceptance; Dr. Judith Orloff’s best-selling holistic healing books are evidence of that. The primary characteristic of an empath is a high degree of sensitivity to the emotional state of other people. If you’ve ever been told that you’re a good listener, then you might be an empath. People feel comfortable sharing their emotions and deepest thoughts with empaths, and thus, we tend to be especially popular around high-stress times like the holidays.

However, an empath’s ability to bond with others can lead to unintended health consequences. In many cases, empaths will take on other people’s emotional pain as if it was their own. In toxic situations, intense emotional energy can affect an empath deeply. We can unintentionally absorb emotions, like a sponge. I walked around for years with what felt like two fishing hooks stuck in my heart area.

In 2003, I sought out healing for my accumulated emotional and physical pain. I began a five-year apprenticeship with two Native American healers and drove the 8-hour trek from Laramie, Wyoming to Santa Fe every month. I quickly discovered why counseling came so easy. The Native American community recognizes empaths. These individuals have been trained as the medicine men and women in tribes and communities.

Research has shown that approximately twenty percent of people are highly sensitive in general. In my experience and observation, fewer still are empaths (those sensitive specifically to other people). Perhaps 5 percent of all people are natural empaths – and most don’t recognize it. I am seeing women and men who have lived their entire lives wondering what was wrong with them, being called hypersensitive or oversensitive – who can now breathe a sigh of relief. What was thought to be a quirk or even mental illness in actuality is a special gift for being able to understand the emotions and motivations of other people.

In my coaching practice, I help empathic individuals differentiate what energy is theirs, and what is coming from other people. We work on coping strategies to manage the high sensitivity and prevent the absorption of harmful energy.

I’m so happy and privileged to work in this special field with empaths, helping us to become more joyful, more skilled, and more conscious of the tremendous spiritual gifts with which we have been blessed.

For more helpful energy tips and techniques to help Empaths & Highly Sensitive People (HSP), check out Dr. Michael Smith’s The Complete Empath Toolkit: 44 Practical Steps to Master Your Energy and Personal Power.

We All Affect Each Other Regardless If We Are An Empath or Not

empath - light in the caveBeing an empath can feel like a curse instead of a gift. This is especially so when we don’t know how to deal with it.

Moreover, we can feel like a victim to the different things happening around us… Even feel things going on are bigger than us. Taking in so much emotion, thoughts,and physical pain of others we can feel overwhelm and over consumed by the intensity.

… and we wonder “Why me?”

When it feels like it’s just too much, this one phrase could help you put things into perspective.

“We all are affected by each other regardless if we are an empath or not. You affect me. I affect you. Even if some of us can not sense it  to the degree and intensity as we [empaths] can, never the less, they are affected. Because WE ARE ALL CONNECTED. ”

I picked this up from a good friend and teacher of mine, Dr. Michael R. Smith. If you want to learn more about being an empath and how to work with your gifts and abilities, or simply just need more guidance, or pick on a skilled empath’s brain (who has over 15 years of experience in helping empaths and highly sensitive people (HSP) connect with their highest self bringing out their full potential) I highly recommend you to get a copy of his ebook The Complete Empath Toolkit: 44 Practical Steps to Master Your Energy and Personal Power. It’s a life saver!

He is truly a gift and inspiration to us fellow empaths for the work he does. We can always use more people with loving heart and patience. Michael is definitely shaking up the world with his work. I invite you to join us in the journey of discovering your unique abilities.

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