About Faey

Welcome to EmpathSolutions!  🙂

My name is Faey.

I made this site for empaths.

Empaths are highly sensitive people who are easily affected by other’s energies. Empaths often possess the ability to sense others on many different levels. Empaths can feel and experience others beyond the five sense, they often pick up on other’s emotions, physical sensation, and thoughts. Some empaths abilities can even go as far as to sensing where other’s are spiritually and energetically. And take this, they can do this effortlessly without even having to try. But the degree and intensity varies from empath to empath.

With all these abilities and sensitivities, other’s emotions and experience can sometimes flood into the empath’s personal space and overwhelm the unexperienced empath making it challenging to function. That’s why this site is created.

Here, I’ve gather the best tips, tricks, and strategy to help you become a more skilled empath.

And when you feel inspire to share your findings with us. We welcome you to add your insights as a fellow empath so we can learn and grow together.

If you wish to contribute an article or do a guest post sharing your experiences and tips, please feel free to contact me: EmpathSolutions(at)gmail(dot)com

For More Tips & Information, go to Tips & Resources.

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“Instead of focusing on what I cannot change or control, I am putting my effort into things that I can control. Believing that I am helpless makes me feel powerless and depressed. Believing that I can make my own life better—in big ways and small—is motivating and positive.”

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2 thoughts on “About Faey

  1. Raymond Vander Borgh

    I am empath myself. So far I’ve found the same “coping strategies” all the same from different sources. I finally came accross Michael R. Smith. I hope I don’t get a “well its worth it” reply. I really don’t want all the extras, complete package for over a hundred american dollars, just the tool kit empath book. Do you know if that is possible; I have a budget to work with. I haven’t found the red meat suggestion for grounding very helpful as an empath; made things not just worse but many extreme reactions in my body and in the way I felt; poultry can do a lesser degree do the same. But more useful to me I have found ayurveda and the blood type A diet more useful. As a blood type A I’ve found for myself that lighter forms of protein, fish, eggs, vegetable proteins, are far better for me.


    1. Faey Post author

      Hi Ray,
      I’m not sure if Michael Smith sells his tool kit ebook individually. You might want to contact him directly here to ask. See his page http://www.empathconnection.com/contact.html
      As for the diet. Yeah, no matter what someone recommends it to be the best diet.
      Everyone is different. No matter how healthy the food is. If you have adverse affect, then it’s not compatible with your palette.
      I am glad you have the awareness to know that red meat is not for you and that lighter forms of protein works better. That’s awesome!
      Diet is such a major part especially for empaths…I say 50% if not more. Looking into food sensitivity is always helpful if you have not done so.
      Hope this helps.
      With love and appreciation,
      Founder of EmpathSolutions.com



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