How to Block Others Energies With This Little Trick

Do you find yourself constantly soaking up other people’s emotions and energies?

Does this suck the life out of you and left you feeling drain?

Want to cut that automatic connection?

Here’s a cool quick trick to do just that. You can start immediately.

Find a comfortable pair of sunglass.

Put it on.sunglass

Is it that really easy?


I’ve tried it on. I used it while driving, riding on the light rails,  and in crowded areas. It seems to do the trick. Somehow,  sunglasses block or chop up most of the energies others are shooting across. This gives me a nice little break. As before, I am forces to take all their stuff in just because I look their direction. Regardless if I want to read their energies or not.

That’s my little trick for today.

Let me know below how this technique has work for you by writing in your comment below.

And be sure to tune in for more practical tips next week.

2 thoughts on “How to Block Others Energies With This Little Trick

  1. Helga van Niekerk

    This is more a question than a comment. As a counsellor it really helps to be a empath but it is very draining. Where I battle to block is I do tension, headache and relaxation massage as part of my therapy. I get migraines and I sometimes vomit after a session with a client. How do I handle this?


  2. Marnie

    I have bifocal sunglasses. I wear them when going out shopping or whatever. Never actually thought about, until I read this…but yes I think this might just block the negative energy to a degree.



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