Is Wi-Fi Harming You and Your Children?

“Wi-Fi ate my brain!”

If exposed to it long enough, some individuals starts to feel totally aloof or not even there (like a daze) and lack concentration and focus. They may even begin to experience headaches, a pressure tightness in their head, and become nauseous and dizzy. At times, they may even feel short temper and irritated when their body and skins starts to heat up. And they may have this feeling of “I have to leave.”

It’s a very weird feeling because symptoms from wi-fi (wireless internet) can vary from person to person. It seems those who best understand somehow feel most sensitive to electromagnetic waves and electronic frequency or knows someone they care displaying the adverse effects of wi-fi radiation. Individuals can empathize when they can see the wi-fi harms on people or/and  feel the symptoms as opposed to someone who can not pick it up.

It’s not a pretty experience. Some may feel sickly after being expose. And need to detox it from their system in order to feel physically, emotionally, and mentally better.

ONLY certain percentage of the population displays immediate sensitivity to wi-fi effect…Showing strong signs and symptoms of adverse effect. I love Dr. Magda Havas’ example (in the video clip above) of how some can be allergic to certain food like peanuts but others aren’t affected by it. Same thing happening here. Just because many can’t sense it themselves, doesn’t mean it’s not harming the few who experience and FEELS the effects…Yeah, why don’t we just tell those individuals with peanut intolerance to, “Eat it…peanuts are 100% safe.”

Check out the video clip above, if you suspect yourself or someone you know might be susceptible to wi-fi radiation poisoning.