The Price Empaths Pay When We Blame Others (and What To Do About It)

You know what’s tough about being an empath? We tend to feel others’ emotions and physical pains intensely. So much so that if we weren’t fully aware of our own state we’d likely confuse their pain and feelings as our own.

As much as we like to BLAME others for making us feel this way or that way… We just can’t afford to do so.


Well, if we lower ourselves to “why me” we start feeling weak. We start viewing ourselves as the VICTIM of others emotions – powerless to do anything. Then we risk lowering our vibrations. Which could mean a lot of things…

When we see ourselves as a victim. We get depressed. We don’t want to do anything anymore. Things just seem to look dark and gloomy for us.

Trust me… we can not afford to let our awareness down. That just makes cracks for more dirtier vibrations to come in and feed on our misery.

Ever heard of that saying, “Misery loves company.”

Well, it’s true.

When we’re down in this lower self – feeling defeated and blaming the world for all our troubles –  we pick up MORE negative thoughts, impulses, unwanted emotions and pain. We attract MORE of that similar lower vibration! We are doing ourselves a huge disservice.

What can we do about it?

The first step is acceptance. As empaths, it’s crucial we learn this one phrase: “It is what it is.” And learn to accept it is what it is. Afterwards, look for solutions – little things here and there – we know we can change to help us grow, learn, and THRIVE.

Here are 3 solutions you can use – after accepting what is – to stay in higher vibration:

  • Eating Healthy. Clean your body. Take care of it.  Put only premium fuel (food) in it.  This is one of the most crucial part of the puzzle. More importantly it’s one of the things we have total control over. You are in complete control of what you put into your body. We can always choose Healthy Foods to Eat.
  • Letting Go of Emotions. Clean emotional junk you’ve been holding onto. Take a look  at the emotions that are surfacing. Is there more to it? Do you need to feel your feelings and let that go?

  • Breathing. Breathe. You’ll be surprise how many of us are shallow breathing (me included). We can retrain our body to breathe deeply – like back when we were babies – from the diaphragm. This one thing can help us relax and let go of tension we hold in our body. This reduces so much unnecessary stress on our entire system.

So what’s the one thing you are doing to stay in high vibration after reading this article?

3 thoughts on “The Price Empaths Pay When We Blame Others (and What To Do About It)

  1. Lila

    Thanx for this. I’ve only known about being an Empath about 2 years now and at 55 still trying to figure out what is mine and what isn’t.

    It came to me just a couple weeks ago that I am in control and can believe the unwanted emotions are not mine or not. After all isn’t it about our beliefs? I actually like myself and realize a lot of emotions have been passed on for generations, as long as I pay attention to what I am fueling my body with (food, media, toxic environments and people)it is becoming easier to stay in a state of gratitude.

    For me breathing and soaking in a salt bath have been helpful tools in staying grounded.

    Sometimes I feel so alone in this journey but believe once my divorce (35 years with a narcissist) is over and I am released from his debt, I will start living the life I’ve always dreamed about. I appreciate you and the education you continue to share ❤


    1. Faey Post author

      Hi Lila,

      Thank you so much for sharing your insights and what you do that helps you stay grounded. Breathing meditation practice and salt bath is an absolute life save!
      I also found out the same. I have to really be careful and very selective of what type of foods I put in my body. As you said, the fuel includes food, media, toxic environments and people. In my experiences, you are so right on the money!

      As for the emotions being passed on from generation. I couldn’t agree with you more. I see the same pattern in my life and others. Somehow, the emotions and energy are transferred from generation to generation until somewhere in the blood line, it is confronted and dealt with. It’s somewhat like “epigenetic”. (If you are interested, I think this BBC documentary explains this nicely )

      I don’t know why it is that narcissist are attracted to people like us. All I have is many theories, but I do know you are right (from personal experience), once we can distant ourselves and find more healthier supportive relationships, that our life does flourish. We do reborn again…healthier, stronger, and much happier. And it is up to us to make that happen. Make that decision. Stand our ground and create that for our own self.

      If I can be of help, you can email me at faey(at)
      Sending you Lila much love, strength, and prayers for this journey you are on.

      With love and appreciation,
      Faey ❤


  2. Kat

    I agree that keeping our vibrations by monitoring the emotions that come up is very important to protect ourselves from unwanted, negative energy. For me, I use positive affirmations and attend Unity churches to help me keep focused on the positive! Being surrounded by other like-minded people really helps! And many members of Unity understand what it’s like to be an empath. (Unity is a Christian metaphysical church, even though I’m Wiccan. We are all welcomed!) “Like Attracts Like” is one of the main concepts that are discussed frequently, as well as the “Christ Within” which allows us to be closer to God/dess. Reading books by Charles & Myrtle Fillmore, founders of Unity, help to reinforce this belief system. I also enjoy the Abraham Hicks and other “New Thought” teachings, some of which may be found on YouTube.



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