Deep Relaxation Techniques – Ways to Combat Stress in Life

Need a break from your stressful hectic day?

Here are 3 easy deep relaxation techniques to help combat that stress …and relax your body and mind.

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Deep Relaxation Techniques – Ways to Combat Stress in Life

By Carolyn Anderson

Pink-LotusIn these times of stressful living, deep relaxation techniques are indeed in demand and, or course, are good ways to combat stress in life. In these times of demanding jobs and busy lifestyle, most of us have probably forgotten how to relax, and this is one major mistake we must correct.

Stress is beneficial in our lives but can be detrimental too – physically, emotionally and psychologically if left unmanaged. Excessive stress in our lives can lead us to many health problems as well as depression and unhappiness. We may not know it but daily stress that we tend to ignore can pile up for long and be the source of our many health problems.

Thankfully, there are easy deep relaxation techniques that you can do to manage stress and live a happier and more fulfilled life. Here are a few of them that you might find useful.

  • Meditation. Meditation has been an old practice in calming the mind. Although it has been connected with religious traditions, meditation has also become an effective way to combat stress and has been a technique to relax the mind and the body. Aside from being a stress buster, it also helps you increase concentration and focus which are of course important in your day-to-day living. Deep breathing involved in meditation also helps a lot to attain deeper relaxation.
  • Self-hypnosis. Self-hypnosis is also one of the deep relaxation techniques that can also be useful in managing excessive stress in life. In contrast to hypnosis where you will find a hypnotist to guide you to that heightened state of concentration and focus, you can do self-hypnosis conveniently in a quiet place alone. Visualization is an important part of self-hypnosis too. Most often, you can start self-hypnosis by visualizing the tension and stress being removed from every part of your body. Positive affirmation is also used during self-hypnosis, where you tell yourself positive statements. Self-hypnosis also uses the power of suggestion to help you attain a deeper state of relaxation.
  • Imagery. Imagery is also a great technique to help you relax especially your mind. Of course, relaxing your mind can also help you relax your body and overcome the stress you encounter everyday. It can also be a simple exercise to do. You can include deep breathing techniques as well as visualization in to clear your mind and bring yourself to heightened relaxation. Imagery is done by visualizing a place or scene that helps calm your mind – a quiet beach, a peaceful mountainous scenery… and any place your find relaxing. Guided imagery is also a popular technique where you listen to audios that help you picture out a calm scene which also allows you to listen to sounds that will help you put yourself more into relaxation.

Whatever technique you wish to follow, it is important to learn about the technique in detail. The correct way of doing deep relaxation techniques is indeed important to help you achieve that calmness of mind and relaxation of the body. Choose a technique that you can do everyday to manage day-to-day stress. One very important factor in starting with any relaxation technique is to give a few minutes of your time each day to get rid of the all the tension and stress before it will wear you out completely.

2 thoughts on “Deep Relaxation Techniques – Ways to Combat Stress in Life

  1. Ulunpangerant

    This is a good cd for relaxation. The ocneas sounds are calming. The music paired with the waves is by-and-large conducive to relaxation. There is a brief segment in the second of the two tracks that is a bit more intensely new age sounding, or eerily computerish, and that short segment created a very minor bit of tension. Not enough tension to ruin the whole cd, however. There are momentary inclusions of almost muffled sea bird calls in a few spots, which I found more distracting than relaxing. Fortunately these two negatives are brief and did not ruin the usefulness of the cd. Overall it is very useful for relaxing, and reducing tension. Playing it while working, or when trying to unwind is very useful. While I did try using it for sleep for a week, it did not aid me in reaching deeper sleep during the night. However, it did not disturb my sleep; did not cause me to wake up (unlike other cds). Overall 4 out of 5 for its calming influence. Worth the money.


  2. Sameer

    medication will not solve depression anawyy. It just effects the chemicals in your head, so you don’t feel it. I notice that you said that you “cannot get any medication”. If this means you are uninsured, that will make what I’m going to say a little difficult. Go to a psychologist (not a psychiatrist). They have countless methods of therapy that will help you out.Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, all are good ways to get your mind out of that low place. It has been often recommended to me, to use positive self talk, where you repeat positive phrases to yourself, until you feel better.And then there is the good old standby. Going to church (temple, mosque, or whatever). I found that when I became a Christian, it was easier to alleviate the pervaisive negative thoughts. Was this answer helpful?



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