Clearing Negative Energy In Your Environment

Here are some solutions to clearing negative energy we found useful. Everyone is different, so try them out to see which ones work better for you.

The number one key is to STAY GROUNDED in your body. This means getting regular exercise, eating nutritional food, and cutting out overstimulating things in your life.

Clearing Negative Energy In Your Environment:
1. Smudging your home with sage.
2. Doing Meditation and taking deep breaths.
3. Strategically placing bowls of sea salt in your home to protect you from entrance of negative energy. The salt acts as an absorbent to negative energy.
4. Using protective stones and crystals. Some good protective stones that repel negative energy are Onyx and Obsidian. While Amber and black tourmaline acts more like absorbers.  And Amethyst is considered a healing stone. So you may also want to consider wearing protective stone jewelry. (Just remember to clean the stones regularly with sea salt and water.)
5. Physically clean the place. This removes the old energy and keep the place in high vibration.

For more solutions and techniques to sky rocket your empath skills & protect and shield yourself unwanted negative energies check out Dr. Michael Smith’s Complete Empath Toolkit here.

Elevating Your Personal Energy and Grounding Yourself:
1. Take a nice warm shower.
2. Take a nice bath using Epsom Salt. Epsom Salt is to help you cut the psychic connection with others so that they are no longer pulling you. Plus, it helps your tired body relax.
3. Use essential oil or scent such as lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, etc. to calm and relax yourself.
4. Get a nice massage.
5. Meditate
6. Going outside for some sun.
7. Doing any type of physical activities that will help you stay grounded in your body. (e.g. Yoga, Tai Chi, martial art, jogging, boxing, exercise, or some kind of sports you enjoy, etc.)
8. Get some fresh air.
9. Connect with nature.
10. Going to ocean, forest, or mountain area also helps you rejuvenate.
11. Surrounding yourself around plants or trees of high energy.
12. Drink pure water. (Bless your water with positive energy before drinking it. And remember to thank it for purifying your body as you drink it.)
13. Eat proper balance nutritious meals.
14. Feel your emotions.
15. Take care of yourself.

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9 thoughts on “Clearing Negative Energy In Your Environment

      1. Carolina

        Thank you! Dr. Baron-Cohen is working in a very ineiresttng area, and I have respect for him, but on this issue, wow. The implications of human subjects research is extremely serious, and discussions like these are very necessary. Especially when, in many cases the subjects do not have a voice or neurotypical accounts are privileged over and above the actual voices of the affected minority.


      2. Vanessa

        I am so glad I ran across your site and found this! The ONLY rosean I could watch ST with my husband was because of Deanna. I have always loved that character (or really any story with a psychic of any kind in it).This is the first time that it’s ever crossed my mind (or I could put a label to it) as an unconscious emotional empath. I always know (and I guess, absorb) what everyone else is feeling, even if they’re not there and I’m just seeing it on the news or reading. I used to think of it as reading between the lines. I will avoid crowds at all costs, will wait for the next elevator if I get on and it feels claustrophobic (even when empty, sometimes), love to work alone, and need lots of alone time at the end of the day, whether I get it or not. When I was a kid I used to see something embarrassing on The Brady Bunch and run to my room to hide my head in a pillow until the scene was over I was mortified right along with Marcia I have found that as I’ve recently started doing readings that clearing myself or logging off has been critical I guess that should have given me a clue! I’ll look forward to reading more and learning about this.


      3. Alya

        Thanks for the article. I have read Rose Rosetrees book. She does an exnclleet job of explaining what empathy is and she is a good healer but I found her techniques inefective. They must work well for her, but I didn’t feel off.Empaths that are feeling 24/7 are doing this unconsciously, like breathing out of habit. I’m going to try alchelemical hypnotherapy to stop processing other people’s feelings or emotions unconsciously within my being and aura . If empathy is something we do out of unconscious habit, hypnotherapy seems to be a good way to stop it . In my years of living, I don’t remember directly benefiting from feeling someone elses terrible has only taken away my vitality..and its not like I could proactively help the other person. People also can sense my empathy unconsciously an gather around to take of me. I tend to get taken for granted a lot. Anyway, I will have some sessions and report back about how well this works. I understand the spiritual use for empathy, but this is my life and my body and I deserve to not be open in this way anymore.


    1. Anneli

      Ben, you’re so right. The stigmatization most of us uunausl people feel is very painful, and it is unfair. I’m hoping that by reaching out with my empathic abilities and gathering Spectrum folks into the highly sensitive, empathic community, we can start helping neurotypicals realize just how unfair things have been.



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