The 10 Things a Highly Sensitive Person Needs to Be Successful

Yellow-TulipsPlease welcome Glenn Smith, author of Lotus Petal, A Parable to Help You to Overcome The Fear of Death. He helps overwhelmed highly sensitive people not only survive but thrive in this world.

Below is one of his articles for highly sensitive people:

The 10 Things a Highly Sensitive Person Needs to Be Successful

By Glenn Smith

You as a sensitive person have to accept that you are a combination of Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual energies.

  1. What happened to you when you were young was a learning experience that proved to you how much you could handle. When you feel overwhelmed with what life is handing you now, remember that you are strong. Your sensitive body can withstand a lot.
  2. Listening to your body will grant you the wisdom of cause and effect. Your sensitive body will instruct you when you have made wrong choices and also right choices. How often now does your body react negatively to the choices you have made?
  3. The thoughts you have about hurting the people who have harmed you bring more of the same into your life. Your mind is very powerful. It will create what you think about. Keep your thoughts on the positive. Have your mind work for you not against you.
  4. The beliefs you have about yourself will determine how high you can fly. Monitor your self-talk to determine what your beliefs are. Change your beliefs about yourself and your abilities to the positive. Nothing is out of reach if you believe it to be so.
  5. When you have emotional overwhelm it seems like you can’t handle anymore. Yet every time it happens you do. Your sensitive emotions are being exercised to be able to handle more. With practice you will be able to hold all and more in your space.
  6. The key to feel stable with your emotions is to be secure. The feeling of security to a sensitive person is like the need for water. With out it you would surely shrivel up and die. If you did not have a lot of security growing up, ask yourself what you need to feel it now.
  7. You have the ability to sense the underlying energies of others. This is why it is so easy to be overwhelmed by what you see and hear. This is an amazing gift that will give you a huge advantage over normal people. Once you learn to control it you will soar.
  8. You have a special connection to the spirit world. Although everyone can access a higher power, you can communicate with it. You are gifted with this ability for a very good reason. Listen well to the subtle clues that spirit speaks to you. It will be healing for you.
  9. Remember that there is no such thing as mistakes. They are simply learning experiences and so necessary. You are here to learn and without mistakes you would not learn anything. Embrace them and enjoy them for what they are. You grow with each experience.
  10. As a sensitive person you are uniquely gifted to contribute to humanity. It has been written that, “The Meek Shall inherit The Earth.” As a highly sensitive person you are the meek. You are very powerful and have a big role to play. It is time to get the party started.

Give expression to your Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual self and you will find success as a sensitive person.

13 thoughts on “The 10 Things a Highly Sensitive Person Needs to Be Successful

  1. I woke up to find this...

    The recommendations you discussed here are really useful. It absolutely was such a fun surprise to have that awaiting me after i woke up to find this event. Thank you very much for the tip!


    1. Stephaniee

      Hi Tess,Good for you for creating riuatl it probably kept you sane and intact. You must have created good protection for yourself to continue to work in that field. Are there any other techiques you use, that you would care to share?I actually really wanted to become a social worker at one point, but after working a little bit in the field, I realized that I could not handle all the pain for my own mental health. At the time, I didn’t know about being an empath. Perhaps if I would have had the proper tools (or knew about creating riuatl like you) I would have been able to stay in that field.Kara


  2. Preity

    Hi, thanks for all the above mentioned points. Yes! I do agree with all of them; they are surely strong indicators and supporters.
    One thing strikes me most and that is, this alienating feel, which I have since childhood and which doesn’t leave me even for a sec of my existence. This feel is- I have chosen to bring some good to this humanity and I am to embark on such mission. I do have gut feeling and have now confirmed all facts that proves- I am Incarnated Soul or what we say Starseed Person. But, I haven’t got a clue to what mission I’m on. In my heart of hearts, I’m also on search for my twin flame, my soul mate so that the mission could be accomplished. Can you give an insight.
    Being a highly sensitive soul and after gaining enough experiences and insights, I’ve learnt- not be bogged by emotions and not to be crushed under overly emotional attachments with humans. and to gaining more experiences and lessons, I’m on my way.
    But, can you clear the air regarding Mission thing..
    I am a writer and well, in life (I am 24 yrs old), I have healed many suffering souls and uplifted many crushed and downtrodden people. It feels heaven to do so, and I get a feel that my mission is being completed bits by bits. But, still a distant thought in mind and a longing call is heart tell me that- Mission is yet to come…but what?.?. I don’t know… can u help!!!


    1. Faey Post author

      Hi Preity,

      Being in tune with that gut feeling in yourself is a great start.
      We certainly are put here on this Earth to create beautiful things
      and add greatness back to the world.

      In regards to your Mission, what do you do passionately that gives you energy,
      happiness… and time just seem to stand still? Only you will be able to know
      and tell what rings true in your heart. Listening to your gut feeling
      will lead you there. Rose Cole’s book and audios can greatly help
      you in shedding more insights on that gut feeling and alienating feel
      that you describe you have since childhood… As she has gone through
      similar experience and is actually an expert in the field helping sensitives
      and intuitive souls like us fulfilled our longing call. You can get her free gifts
      and audios when you click on the first bottom links. It’ll ask you to sign in
      before you can gain access to the helpful material.

      Rose will show you the exact steps to help you find your purpose, elevate your vibration,
      and manifest a life of bliss – while making a bigger impact on the planet.

      Here are 3 excellent resources from Rose to help you:

      -(1.) Get Rose’s free “The Conscious Woman’s Handbook for Making A Bigger Impact In The World While Creating The Life Of Your Dreams”
      -(2.) “Elevate” High Priestess Training Series from Rose Cole (free audio)
      -(3.) “Emotional Emergence” High Priestess Training Series from Rose Cole (free audio)

      Let me know if I can help you further.

      All the best,


      1. Preity

        Thanks Faey
        Thanks first for replying and addressing my problem. Yeh! I’ve downloaded the audios; well in her website some were priced, so I downloaded only free ones. (since right now I’m financially tight). I also left a comment at her website, hoping to get some help.
        Thankfully, my dreams, heart calls, instincts, intuitions, synchronicities and all those symbolic things do keep signalling me onto right way. I also have this abiding instinct that some divine cover of being is with me since birth. And lately I got the inkling that recognition of the mission will come to me at the best time when I am on my best and highest vibe. So, I’m just now continually raising my vibrations and improving the lives of near and dear ones while raising their vibes from lower to higher realms. Waiting for my next soul call… 😉
        But, a great thanx to you dear.
        Love and care


    2. chris plastow

      Preity, you are your mission, every day is your mission. There is no specific goal or what would you do when you reached it? Just keep going and things to be rectified will be put in front of you, that is your job, as long as you live, you will be at work helping the world to be a better place… only ends when you do, and there are others to carry on where you stop, you are part of everything, good or bad, your choice!


      1. Pearl

        If you feel oversensitive or if you just want to take extra ptvrentaviee measures against picking up foreign energy, it can be helpful to visualize some form of separation or shielding device between your energy and the energy of everything else.a0 There are many different ways to do this.a0 A common method is to visualize yourself covered in a bubble of light.a0 My friend Slade Roberson recently wrote a great article about creating this sort of energetic separation using a pink light shield.


  3. Roba

    Love this! What really scturk me is that all of these techniques really assist us in creating consciousness. We need to first have that awareness that we are encountering an energy or vibration that doesn’t match or is at odds with our own. That perspective alone creates SUCH a shift Slade, this is awesome stuff.My favorite part? You can’t have a war if both sides don’t show up. Non-reaction truly is often the best strategy.Blessings,Andrea


  4. denise

    Thank you for sharing these words of wisdom with us 🙂
    Sometimes it is hard to remember all the trials one has experienced and survived including those from the childhood years; looking back it is a miracle I still have some fight left in me to continue on and still believe in “Hope”.
    Security is a big issue for me as well as moderating my self-hate but I am learning, one baby step at a time.


    1. Faey Post author

      Hi Denise,

      You are welcome.
      My hopes is if we all can share what works for us, we can definitely move forward a lot faster.

      I am so happy you are putting up a fight to continue on.
      Hope to learn from you.

      Being AWARE of what your challenges are is the first step.

      I am also working on accepting myself more. Watching that “monkey mind” that like to says negative stuff.
      You are right. One step at a time.

      Here’s a great exercise to practice to overcome self-hatred. I invite you to do this with me.
      (Step#1.) Get a journal.
      (Step#2.) Write 5 things you are grateful for each day. No matter what they are. Or how small they may be.
      For example: ” I am grateful for how I am able to catch my negative thought and watched it. ”

      This will help us refocus our energy and attention. Stop feeding into our negatives thoughts. Instead we give our energy and awareness to what we want to create more of…which is of course things we want. Putting our energy towards positive things and having positive thoughts about ourselves and not beating up ourselves helps keep us energize.

      And “Be gentle with yourself. (as you work on these wounds)”

      Sending you love and blessings.




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