6 Quick Daily Care Tips for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People

Are you the #1 Priority on Your List?

It’s crucial we make our health and well-being our number one priority. Why? Because many of us are busy taking care of others needs first while completely ignoring our own needs. If this becomes a habit, it’s easy to start feeling resentful (even towards the people we love). We can feel like no one truly appreciates us after giving and giving till there was nothing left for us to give.

When we are feeling great and in our optimal state of well-being, things flow easily. Giving become more effortless. Time sort of flies by. Many individuals can tap into this state of being when they are doing what they enjoy.

When you give after taking time off for yourself, you can give from a place of abundance and love.  Others can feel the difference.

Many empaths and highly sensitive people feel selfish when they take time off to take care of themselves. This is cause for concern because we are wired different than the average Joe. If we don’t take care of ourselves, we can’t effectively do what we’re here to do…but we’re not exactly wired to take care of ourselves first.

Yes, we are called towards tasks that require priority attention over our own needs but as an empath or highly sensitive person (HSP) it is vitally important we continue to take care of ourselves each and every day so we can contribute to the world as we are called.

6 Quick Daily Care Tips for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People:

1. Drink lots of clean pure water to hydrate your body and keep it functioning at its optimal. Water cleanses and purifies your body giving you sharp mental clarity. Trust me, you’ll be a happier person with a well hydrated body.

2. Exercise regularly. Taking care of your physical body. Get moving. This helps you move out old energy and bring in fresh new energy. Like water, movement is extremely vital for your well-being.

3. Eat healthy nutritious meals. Consume plenty of dark green leafy lettuce and vegetables. Note: Many empaths and HSPs find eating things that are grown closely to or below ground to be very grounding for them. Some examples are potatoes, yams, carrots, peanuts, squashes, pumpkins, and broccoli. And also some find eating red meat to be grounding for them. Overall, just eat well balanced meals throughout the day.

4. Feel your emotions. Process them as they come up. Don’t just shove it down and bury it. When you do, you actually become more and more numb and disconnected… And it’s not always easy to feel your feelings but do it anyway. These energy in your body needs to be move and transformed. I promise, you’ll feel better, lighter, and cleaner afterward.

5. Talk with positive individuals. Just immerse yourself in their positive energy by being in proximity or enjoying a nice conversation. This also does wonders –for we humans are social creatures.

6. Get some fresh air and sunshine. You can’t elevate your mood as easily when you are stuck inside a building. You are a living breathing creature who needs to be connected to nature –not hidden inside some concrete building with artificial light and air. So go outside. Breathe. And bask in the warm sunshine.

For more solutions & techniques for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People, I invite you to check out Dr. Michael R. Smith’s eBook,  The Complete Empath Toolkit: 44 Practical Steps to Master Your Energy and Personal Power.

7 thoughts on “6 Quick Daily Care Tips for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People

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  2. merle roseman

    Thank you for this opportunity to make sense of many happenings durung my long experience on this planet……….what an in depth and clear explanation for me……..
    and in such a gentle manner.
    Best Regards,


    1. Faey Post author

      You are very much welcome Merle! 🙂 Glad we can help. We have only begin to scratch the surface…Hope you will continue to discover with us. As always, love to hear about your discoveries and insights when you feel like sharing it with us here at EmpathSolutions’ Empath Community —> http://empathsolutions.com/forum#/


  3. jenny

    Hi i have just found your website. i work doing Holistic therapies and healing and massage. i give daily to many people and love what i do ! but i am getting burnt out i try to ground myself but find i can’t or don’t do it the right way. i seem to be being brought more and more peiole with health or emotional problems and try to give of myself, but i need help to receive as i am becomming resentful and that is not the real me. any more advice please on how to stop picking up on negative vibes and how to listen to my gut feelings and not my brain.
    many thanks jen xxxx


    1. Faey Post author

      Hi Jen,

      Thank you for writing in.
      I notice in many of healing and massage therapies the masseuse “gives” their own energy to the client.
      This can and will burnt you out quickly…as you have experienced.
      Have you heard about QUANTUM HEALING?
      It teaches that art of using the Divine Source’s energy THROUGH YOU.
      You consciously use your breath to connect and channel the healing.
      This will help keep you grounded.
      Instead of you trying to heal the client by yourself…
      you are simply channeling the Divine’s healing energy through you.
      Let the Divine do the healing through you.
      Also, using the Dr.Lens’ Ho’oponopono healing technique can help too.

      Hope these 2 suggestions help.

      Founder of Empathsolutions.com



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